1996–2010, 2008-2010 (TV channel)[]

Nick Jr. (1988) (Wordmark)

Nick Jr. became a standalone channel in 2008.

2010–2016 (Block on Nick), 2010-present (TV channel)[]

Nick Jr. 2009

As of 2016, Nick Jr. programs now air under the regular Nickelodeon brand in Latin America.


Nick Jr. Splat 2023
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Omnes
Neue Plak
Launched:  February 5, 2024

After Nickelodeon (Latin America) debuted the new logo and a new symbol style (like the United States did), Nick Jr. (Latin America) followed suit on February 5, 2024. The logo has the same font and style.

Nick GaS
Nick Jr. (Latin America)