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1983 (pre-launch) 1984–1990 1991–2000 2001–2005
1983 (pre-launch) 1984–1990 1991–2000 2001–2005
2006–2007 2008 2009–present 2012–present
2006–2007 2008 2009–present 2012–present

1983 (pre-launch)


During the development of Nick at Nite as Nickelodeon's nighttime programming block, this was a logo proposed to be used for the block; the logotype is the same used for Nickelodeon's 1981 logo, indicating that Nick at Nite and Nickelodeon would have had similar branding upon its launch (though a totally different logo would be used for Nick at Nite upon launch, after Nickelodeon rebranded to its iconic logos in the fall of 1984), though they would not share a similar logo design until 2007.

1984–December 2007

January 1984–Decmber 1990

Nick at Nite (1985).svg

The original Nick at Nite logo featured various differently shaped backgrounds (having taken a page from Nickelodeon's identity), these were commonly seen in network IDs used between programs that were created by Fred/Alan, Inc., the company that designed the logo and the Nickelodeon logo.

January 1991–December 2000

Nick at Nite (1992).svg

On April 2, 1992, the logo was modified slightly (with the dropshadow eliminated, and the "at" being redone in a different typeface). From 1992 to 1998, this logo was used in conjunction with the original 1985 logo, which remained in use via the set of network IDs introduced in 1988.

January 2001–December 2007

Nick at Nite 2002 (Print).png

January 2001–December 2005

Nick at Nite 2002.svg

In March 2002, Nick at Nite introduced an updated logo in network promos, with "coming up next" IDs and the on-screen logo bug during programming changing to the logo a few months later; it kept the basic elements of the two previous logos, though instead of using different shapes for the background behind the text, only a circle background design was used, an "@" symbol replaced the circle "at" and the remaining lettering was modified slightly.

January 2006–December 2007

Nick at Nite 2006.svg

In 2006, Nick at Nite updated its 2002 logo by changing the color of the circle from blue to orange to match its sister network Nickelodeon.

January-December 2008

Nick at Nite 2007.svg

In 2007, Nick at Nite overhauled its logo to feature a version of the Nickelodeon "splat" logo in the shape of a crescent moon. The Balloon typeface used in the Nickelodeon logo until 2009 was also incorporated into the logo, and the "@" symbol was again written as "at". This effectively integrated the Nickelodeon branding onto Nick at Nite for the first time since its pre-launch in 1984.


Nick at Nite 2009 (Print).png

January 2009-present

Nick@Nite 2009.svg

On January 1, 2009, all four Nickelodeon channels in the United States were rebranded. Nick at Nite also adopted a new logo based on Nickelodeon's new wordmark logo, the second such used on-air to be explicitly aligned with Nickelodeon's on-air identity (the rebrand occurred at 6:00am, so this was before Nick itself rebranded!) The words "@" and "Nite" changed also to two shades of blue, as a transition from "day" (orange), to "night" (blue). Also, the "at" was again reverted to an "@" symbol. As of 2012, this is still being used as an alternative logo. It was mistakenly used on a few instances in 2019, when Nick at Nite accidently used its former split-screen credits alongside the newer one.


Nick@Nite 2012.svg

One minor update was made to the logo. All of the words in the logo were made orange in order to be more aligned with the Nickelodeon brand.

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