Nickelodeon (1984)

Nickelodeon was launched on 10 December 1997 on cable by Turkish company RTV and timeshared with Discovery Channel Turkey.

In 2001, Multi Channel Developers took over Nickelodeon's license, thus making it a 24-hour channel.


Nickelodeon (2009)

On 2 June 2010, Nickelodeon and MTV Turkey's websites were shut down, due to an argument between MCD and Viacom.

On 31 August 2011, Viacom ended MCD's license of the two channels, thus getting the local channels shut down. Nickelodeon and MTV Europe later started broadcasting in English on D-Smart.

On February 2012, Viacom reached an agreement with Digiturk and brought back Nickelodeon and MTV to Turkey. Starting on 1 March 2012, Nickelodeon still broadcasts in Turkish today, while MTV has Turkish subtitles over the European feed.