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1998–2009 2009–present

Nickelodeon Animation Studio is an American animation studio. The studio is owned and operated by television network Nickelodeon, and the studio produces many of the network's most popular animated series, including SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Fairly OddParentsAvatar: The Last Airbender, and The Loud House. Aside from Nickelodeon, the studio has also produced cartoon series for Nick Jr.Nicktoons Network, Noggin, and other ViacomCBS-owned networks such as Spike (now Paramount Network).

Games Productions


The studio was founded as Games Productions, sometimes shortened to "Games Animation" or "Games Animations." The drawing of Stimpy in a milkman's outfit, attributed to layout artist Michael Kim, was Games' response to John Kricfalusi's comment about giving his unfinished episodes to his former colleagues.

“[It's] like giving an unedited cartoon to the milkman and have him finish it for ya”
John Kricfalusi

Nickelodeon Animation Studios


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Nickelodeon Animation Studio


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