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CTC-7 Canberra



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CTC-7 Canberra began transmission on 2 June 1962. Shortly after commencing transmission, relay stations would be installed at both Goulburn and Cooma on VHF-10. The callsign stood for Capital Television Canberra.


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Capital 7 - Australian Capital Television



Capital 7 1981(REVISED).png

On 15 July 1981, CTC-7 underwent a major rebranding and renamed themselves Capital 7 - Australian Capital Television with their new logo based on the design and colours of the Australian flag.


Capital 7 1986(REVISED).png

The flag logo was modified in 1984, making it more wavy in design.

By the 1980's, CTC-7 was broadcasting to both Goulburn and Cooma on VHF-10, with translators at Bombala on VHF-2, Tuggeranong Valley on UHF-63, and Jindabyne on UHF-66.

On 7 August 1987, Kerry Stokes sold CTC to Northern Star Holdings, owners of Network Ten. With a swap to VHF-10 not viable due to CTC already broadcasting on said signal in Cooma and Goulburn, the name Capital 7 would remain.

Capital Television (first era)

By the end of 1988, Capital 7's news bulletin would be rebranded Ten News and the station name Capital 7 would disappear and Capital Television would arrive.

March–July 1989

CTC-7 (1989) (REVISED).png

On 31 March 1989 to affiliate itself with Network Ten, CTC launched its Illawarra & Regional Sydney (Wollongong) service on UHF-62.

10 TV Australia Capital

July 1989–1991

10 TV Australia Capital.jpeg

On 27 October 1989, the station was sold to Charles Curran's Capital Television Group so the network could be rescued from its financial difficulties, thus ending CTC's brief stint as a fully-fledged member of Network Ten.

On 30 December 1989, the channel expanded to the Central Tablelands (Orange) on UHF-33, and to the Central Western Slopes (Dubbo) and South Western Slopes/Eastern Riverina (Wagga-Wagga) on UHF-35.

Capital Television (second era)


Capital Television 1991-94.png

Ten Capital


Ten Capital 1994.png

In May 1994, Southern Cross Broadcasting brought CTC and thus Capital Television was rebranded to Ten Capital. Local content wasn’t axed until 2001.



Southern Cross Ten Southern NSW


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Southern Cross Ten.png

Nine Canberra


Nine2012 Glossed Logo.png

CTC switched affiliation from Network Ten to the Nine Network on 1 July 2016 after they signed a new affiliation deal with Nine in April 2016. It uses Nine's current metro branding.

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