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TNQ-7 Townsville



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TNQ-7 Townsville began transmission on 1 November 1962. The callsign stood for Telecasters North Queensland. Relay stations would be later set up at Bowen on VHF-1, Northward on VHF-5A and Stuart on UHF-68.


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FNQ-10 Cairns



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FNQ-10 Cairns began transmission on 7 September 1966 and served the regions of Cairns, Innisfall, Mourilyan and surrounding areas. The callsign stood for Far North Queensland. Relay stations would later be set up at Mossman, Tully, and Havenshoe on VHF-11, Mareeba and Babinda on VHF-6, Gordonvale on VHF-2 and at Buchan's Point, Herberton, Dunk Island, and Mission Beach on VHF-5A. Telecasters North Queensland completed their purchase of the station in 1969.

Telecasters North Queensland



In 1976, TNQ-7 Townsville merged with FNQ-10 Cairns to form the Telecasters North Queensland network.

North Queensland Television


NQTV (1978).png

In May 1978, Telecasters North Queensland was rebranded to North Queensland Television with the abbreviation NQTV. The Telecasters North Queensland name was retained for the company owning the stations.

QTV (Queensland Television)


QTV 1990-91(REVISED).png

In 1990, North Queensland Television was rebranded to Queensland Television, with the QTV abbreviation being used in preparation for statewide aggregation. This logo was used for its intended affiliation with the Nine Network until WIN Television bought RTQ-7 Rockhampton which caused QTV to align with Network Ten prior to aggregation.


QTV 1991-93(REVISED).png

On 31 December 1990, TNQ's signal expanded into Darling Downs/Toowoomba on UHF-41, Mackay and Wide Bay/Maryborough on UHF-33, Rockhampton on UHF-34, and Warwick/Southern Downs on UHF-39.

On the same day, FNQ's callsign was changed to TNQ.

Ten Queensland



In 1993, Telecasters North Queensland (later Telecasters Australia) joined the consortium of Network Ten. This led to a name change from QTV to Ten Queensland and a switch to generic Ten branding.





In 2001, Telecasters was purchased by Southern Cross, this led to Ten Local News in North Queensland being axed and replaced with the standard 6pm program. The following year, the station was rebranded to Southern Cross Ten.

Southern Cross Ten Queensland


SC10 2002-05.png


Southern Cross Ten.png

Nine Regional Queensland


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TNQ switched affiliation from Network Ten to the Nine Network on 1 July 2016 after they signed a new affiliation deal with Nine in April 2016. It uses Nine's current metro branding.

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