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1993-1994 (codename) 1994-1995 (early logo) 1995–1996 (pre-launch) 1995 (pre-release) 1996–2002
1993-1994 (codename) 1994-1995 (early logo) 1995–1996 (pre-launch) 1995 (pre-release) 1996–2002

Project Reality

1993-1994 (codename)

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This logo was first shown at CES 1993.

Nintendo Ultra 64

1994-1995 (early logo)


This logo only appeared on Killer Instinct and Cruis'n USA.

1995–1996 (pre-launch)

Nintendo Ultra 64 1995.svg

This logo was first seen at E3 1995 during its prelaunch, and uses the same style from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy logos.

Nintendo 64

1995 (pre-release)

Nintendo 64 1995.svg

This logo was only used during Shoshinkai 1995, when the console was first introduced to the public.


Nintendo 64 Logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Univers Extra Black
Launched:  Mid-1996

The final version of the logo was revealed during Electronic Entertainment Expo 1996, when the final model of the console was revealed.

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