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2002 (prototype) 2004 (pre-release) 2004 (E3) 2004–2014 2005-2009 2006–2014 2006-2009

Nintendo DualScreen[]

2002 (prototype)[]

Nintendo DualScreen 2002

The Nintendo DS was originally referred to as the "Nintendo DualScreen" early in development.

Nintendo DS[]

2004 (pre-release)[]

Nintendo DS Proto Logo
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Early logo, primarily used on video game retailers websites before the release of the system. It uses the same font style as the GameCube and Game Boy Advance before it. The "DS" text was originally blue.

2004 (E3)[]

Nintendo DS E3 2004 Logo

In E3 2004, the font of the logo was changed.


Nintendo DS Logo

When the console was fully released, the color on "DS" changed from blue to black and the corners of the two squares (that represent both screens of the Nintendo DS) were made rounded. Its last game was the Big Hero 6 game, but the console will still be seen at GameStop following the others.

iQue DS (China)[]


IQue DS Logo

Nintendo DS Lite[]


Nintendo DS Lite logo

iQue DS Lite (China)[]


IQue DS Lite Logo

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