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1953–1972 1972–1978 1978–2001 1993–2013
1953–1972 1972–1978 1978–2001 1993–2013
1993–2001 2001–2003 2003–2013 2013–present
1993–2001 2001–2003 2003–2013 2013–present

JOAX-DTV (branded as 日本テレビ i.e. Nippon Television, or 日テレ i.e. NTV for short) is a flagship of Nippon Television Network System part of the Nippon Television Holdings, Inc.. It was founded on October 28, 1952 and launched on August 28, 1953 in Minato, Tokyo. It's the first Japanese broadcasting license, and first private TV broadcasting in Asia.



Nippon Television (1953).svg

This logo was a simple three leters "NTV" as initials with or without a circle, it also served as the basis for the NTVIC logo used from 1986-2004.


Nippon Television (1972).svg

The three letters were colored as N blue, T red and V green, although it broadcasted for the first time on September 10, 1960, but before this there was a part-time color broadcasting.


Nippon TV (1978).svg

The logo was a circle which has a rounded figure cutout, and a second circle within it; also it reflects as a soundwave located outside of the circle. It looks like Rede Globo and Radiobrás.



The Green Pig (nicknamed Nandarou) was originally designed by Hayao Miyazaki to celebrate the channel's 40th anniversary. This logo served as the basis for the NTVIC logo used from 2004-2014.


Nippon Television (1993 with Nandarou).svg


Nippon Television (2001).png
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2003–2013 (現在日テレ)

Nippon TV Network (2003).svg



Nandarou was removed from the logo for the first time in 20 years, leaving the initial letters with "Ni" kanji as a number zero, and two kana letters (Te and re) together as a NTV with a Japanese alphabet. This logo was introduced on its 60th Anniversary, and served as the basis for the NTVIC logo used since 2014.

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