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Nvidia old

Nvidia adopted its first logo in 1993. It was then that its basic visual metaphor - an eye that sees everything - was chosen. This logo has a long history and generally symbolizes the eye of God, who sees everything, but in this context, it has a different symbolic meaning. The "eye" of Nvidia is in constant search of innovation and future.

The first NVIDIA symbol had two parts, black and green. One half of the "eye" was black, while the other half was white, with a green square placed above it. The wordmark was with a letter "n" in distinctive italic.



In 2006, the emblem and the wordmark were redesigned. The black color disappeared from the "eye", while the type of letters became bolder and changed shape. The letter "n" in italics has been replaced by a capital letter.

The custom all-caps character was very readable and clear. The first version of the wordmark included a serif font, while the second was given in sans serif font.

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