OK TV was a Peruvian musical television channel that aired from January 6, 2003 through November 1, 2006, being replaced by the second incarnation of RBC Televisión.


OK TV Otro Plan 2003.png

The logo for this channel was the letters "ok" in an extravagant Roman typeface (similar to that of Bego TV) in yellow-orange, above the "k", the letters "tv" in white Vogue Bold typeface, all surrounded by a light blue border.


OK TV 2003 2.png

In August 2003, the logo appears on a 3D bezel.


OK TV 2004.png

In January 2004, the logo returned to 2D and is now monochrome.


OK TV 2006.png

In its last months of life, the letters are now in 3D, maintaining the monochrome of the 2004 logo.

January-November 2006

OK TV 2005.JPG

The border is now replaced by a smear of black paint. This logo was used as the on-screen logo.

In November 2006, the channel disappeared due to lack of publicity, although it had a good audience. It was replaced by the second incarnation of RBC Televisión in December of the same year.

RBC Televisión
RBC Televisión