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1888–1965 1965–1993 2009–2014 2013–2014 2014–2016
1888–1965 1965–1993 2009–2014 2013–2014 2014–2016
2014–2016 January-August 2016 2016–present 2019–present
2014–2016 January-August 2016 2016–present 2019–present

Tiendas Peruanas S.A., also known as Oechsle, is a Peruvian capital department store originally founded in 1888 and lasted until 1993 and then reopened in May 2009 by Intercorp, which owns the brand until today.

Casa Oechsle



Oechsle 1888.svg

Oechsle was officially inaugurated in 1888 by Augusto Fernando Oechsle under the name of Casa Oechsle. The logo used was a white square with a black border, inside the wordmark "Oechsle" in a particular manuscript, where an "O" in the form of a spiral predominates and in the upper right, the word "Casa".



Oechsle 1965-1993.svg

In 1965, Oechsle renewed his image, eliminating the "House" and the white square bordering, leaving only the wordmark, going on to be called only as Oechsle.

After the economic crisis that Peru was going through, followed by the terrorist violence in that country, Oechsle closed its doors indefinitely, passing its original stores to Falabella (formerly known as Saga Falabella) and Ripley.



Oechsle 2009.svg

After 16 years of absence, Oechsle returned to operate now under the arm of the Interbank Group (now Intercorp) on May 5, 2009. His logo of that time, used until 2014, resembles the one used by the original Oechsle as a tribute, but below, a more original wordmark, property of Intercorp, appears at that time, using the Futura Pro Bold typeface. They debuted as figures of Oechsle, the actress Rossana Fernández-Maldonado, the actress Gianella Neyra and the actor Marco Zunino, all Peruvians.


Oechsle 2013.svg

In December 2013, Oechsle eliminated the "O" from the brand, leaving only the wordmark of the store.


Oechsle wordmark 2014.svg

In February 2014, Oechsle changed the font to 'Century Gothic'.


Oechsle 2014.svg

In April 2014, Oechsle presented a variant of the wordmark using a pentagon in the shape of a rectangle behind the aforementioned wordmark.

The launch of the logo was made through an advertising campaign, where the Brazilian model of Victoria's Secret, Lais Oliveira, and a set of models presenting the new corporate image makes its debut as an image of Oechsle.

January–August 2016

Oechsle 2016 1.svg

In January 2016, Oechsle relaunched its "O" logo, now known as "OE".

The logo is the aforementioned "OE" in lowercase and below the wordmark.

The model Lais Oliveira remains on this occasion the image of Oechsle.


Oechsle 2016 2 (actual).svg

In 2016, the Oechsle new image debuts.

The logo is the same as January 2016, but the "OE" and the wordmark typographies were changed to a similar one to AvantGarde. In December 2017, Lais Oliveira ceased to be the corporate image of Oechsle and since then, Oechsle did not return to using known models of international stature.

2019–present (variant)

Oechsle 2019 (alternativo).svg

In April 2019, Oechsle renewed its image in conjunction with the image of 2016, which is the same, but with Oechsle's wordmark in DT Ampla Semibold Italic typography.

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