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Rede Globo has been the longtime broadcaster and rightsholder for the Olympic Games as well as the Olympic Winter Games in Brazil.

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Moscow 1980

Olimpiadas 80 Rede Globo.png

Los Angeles 1984

Olimpiadas 84 Rede Globo.png

Seoul 1988

Olimpiadas 88 Rede Globo.jpg

Barcelona 1992

Olimpiadas 92 Rede Globo.png

Atlanta 1996

Olimpiadas 96 Rede Globo.png

Sydney 2000

Olimpíadas 2000 na Globo.png

Athens 2004

Olimpiadas 2004 na Globo.png

Beijing 2008

It was used a red monochromatic variant of the official event logo

2010 (Winter); 2012

TV Globo didn't broadcasted the Olympics on these years, due to Record acquiring the exclusive free-to-air rights to 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2012 Summer Olympics. However, Globosat-owned sister channel SporTV acquired Pay-TV rights to these Games.

Sochi 2014 (Winter)

Version #2 (as Olimpíadas de Inverno) - Version #1 was the Sochi 2014 main logo

"Official Broadcasting" version

Rio 2016 (Host Network)

"Somos Todos Olímpicos" (We are all Olympic) logo/slogan

"Official Broadcasting" logo

PyeongChang 2018 (Winter)

The title logo was changed to "Olimpíada de Inverno"

"Official Broadcasting" version (First and only time the Globo's monochromatic logo was used in a main official broadcasting title card of an event)

Tokyo 2020


"Official Broadcasting" logo


Custom logo

"Official Broadcasting" logo

Beijing 2022 (Winter)

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

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