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Orange S.A. (Société anonyme), formerly known as France Télécom until 2013, is a French multinational telecommunications company, operating in several countries in Europe, Africa (especially Francophone Africa) and the Middle East. It is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the European Union, the other being Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Telenor.

After local investors took control of Iraqi telco Korek Telecom (a partly-owned subsidiary of Orange) in May 2019, Orange S.A. uses a single Orange brand for all of its operations.

Postes et Télégraphes


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France Télécom


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Orange (UK), the original company to use the Orange brand, was bought by France Télécom in 2000, which then extended the Orange brand to most of its operations.

This logo was later used by Telekomunikacja Polska in 2004.


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In 2006, the ampersand was modified.

Orange S.A.


Orange logo.svg

France Télécom was renamed to Orange on 1 July 2013, bringing the consumer brand to the corporate level.

Since the Orange brand was launched in the UK (now defunct) in 1994, the classic Helvetica Neue font has been used in all corporate applications. A bolder weight of Helvetica Neue was adopted in 2015, which is also used by Three, a telecom brand of CK Hutchison Holdings.

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