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2000–2003 2003–2008 2008–2014 2014–2017 2017–present
2000–2003 2003–2008 2008–2014 2014–2017 2017–present


Oxygen logo 2000.svg
Designer:  Hatmaker (logo)
Cuppa Coffee, Crossroads Television, PMcD Design, and Taffetdesign (on-air)
Typography:  Bodoni
Launched:  February 1, 2000

Oxygen's original identity was developed by Hatmaker. The channel's on-air design was supplied by the same company along with four companies working together; Cuppa Coffee, Crossroads Television, PMcD Design, and Taffetdesign.

“The final logo reflects the power of suggestion - subtle strength. Parantheses and an all-lower case type give the logo a soft, almost whispering fell, much like the element. The "o" takes on dominance as a perfect circle. In its "vapor" application, the logo is revealed by a changing background, supporting the concept of an ever-present element of life.”
Chris Goveia, Visual Thesaurus: A Quick-Flip Brainstorming Tool for Graphic Designers


Oxygen logo pink.png
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Oxygen later began to focus chiefly on reality shows, reruns, and movies and adopted an alternate name, "Oh! The Oxygen Network". The logo could be in many different colors, such as red, blue, green, purple and pink. In late 2007, the "Oh!" was dropped from the logo following NBCUniversal's purchase of the network, though the website kept the "Oh!" brand.


Oxygen logo 2008.svg

A new logo was introduced on June 8, 2008, replacing the "Oh!" name. The font is a modified version of Times New Roman.


Oxygen 2014.svg

During the Television Critics Association's summer press tour on July 14, 2014, Oxygen unveiled a network rebranding as part of the network's efforts to attract a younger female audience. The rebranding, which features a new logo and tagline ("Very Real"), took effect across all of Oxygen's platforms on October 7.


Oxygen 2017.svg
Designer:  Trollbäck & Company
YouTooCanWoo (music)
Typography:  DIN Condensed (logo & on-air)
Times (on-air)
Launched:  May 11, 2017 (reveal)
July 19, 2017 (on-air)

A new logo was unveiled on May 11, 2017 to reflect the channel's rebranding as a crime-oriented network. The logo later took effect on July 19, 2017.