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VIVA Cinema

Viva Cinema was launched on May 6, 1996 as 24 hour all-Filipino Movie channel, the channel was joint venture between Satellite Television for Asian Region (STAR TV Network) and Viva Entertainment, Inc. The 1996 Viva Cinema logo was similar like different logos of STAR TV channels until 1998 (while the 1996 Viva Cinema logo is still being used until 2003), the "Viva" text on the top and the "Cinema" text on the below, and also the old Viva's 1981 logo (which the bexel on the V doesn't look wide) on the Blue square background, On July 31, 2003, after the STAR Group Limited and Viva Entertainment, Inc. joint venture was expired and declined to renew their contract, Viva Cinema went Off the Air, while Viva Entertainment launches its own all-Filipino movie channel as Pinoy Box Office (PBO) on August 1, 2003.

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VIVA Cinema

Pinoy Box Office


PBO Pinoy Box Office

In August 1, 2003, After Viva and STAR joint venture (under the Viva Cinema brand) was ended when Viva Entertainment launches as 24-hour all-Filipino movie channel of Viva, "Pinoy Box Office (PBO)". PBO's first logo was the 3D word "PBO" in gold and the word "PINOY BOX OFFICE" in blue below it. As the former on-screen logo, the byline was removed.



Pinoy Box Office new logo 2015

Few months after PBO became No. 1 all-Filipino Movie channel on Cable and Satellite based on Kantar Media Philippines survey defeated the network's rival Cinema One of ABS-CBN, The new logo was introduced on March 1, 2015 and it was the viridian lowercase letters "PBO". Below the logo is the gray text "Paborito ng Bayan" (The Nation's Favorite) also in lowercase. The PBO logo as an on-screen bug is white and the slogan is removed.

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