1997–2000 (prototype, VHS releases)

PBS Kids (1997 Prototype)

The name "PBS Kids" was conceived in early 1997 as a rebranding effort for PBS as part of its ongoing changes of its profiles. This logo was on the top of VHS clamshell releases of PBS Kids shows.

2000 (prototype, VHS releases)


This logo was one of the many variants on the top of clamshell releases of PBS Kids shows.



Character variations

Many times, Dot or Dash don't appear in the logo. Instead, the characters from a selected PBS Kids show replace the two. These character variations appeared on the website, and different versions appeared on TV idents.

2001–present (DVD/VHS releases)



On December 23, 2017, a faded version of the Dash logo was used on PBS Kids' 24-hour channel.

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