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2006-2007 2007-2012 2012-2020 (morning); 2020-present (primary) 2012-2020 (evening)
2006-2007 2007-2012 2012-2020 (morning); 2020-present (primary) 2012-2020 (evening)



City (Ukraine) (1-st logo).svg


City (Ukraine) (2-nd logo).svg

CITI was a regional television channel broadcasting in Kyiv from December 2006 to August 4, 2012. It was founded by Studio 1+1 and was a media holding of 1+1 Media. In general, the channel showed educational programs of Kyiv and children and family movies and cartoons manufactured by the USSR. The slogan was Канал TVого міста. (Kanal TVoho mista, your city's channel).



2012-2020 (morning); 2020-present (primary)

PlusPlus (Ukraine).svg

2012-2020 (evening), 2020-present (memory days)

PlusPlus (Ukraine) (2).svg

The channel was relaunched on August 4, 2012 as PLUSPLUS, with new Disney content moved across after the closure of Disney Channel in Ukraine. While developing the program concept, PLUSPLUS collaborated with government agencies, academic and research institutions using government programs, regulations and developments, as well as their recommendations. The channel content is created in a such way as to make it interesting for both children, and their parents. Since January 1, 2020 the morning version of PLUSPLUS logo uses as a primary logo of the channel.

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