Pro TV is the leading TV channel in Romania by viewership. Its main competitors are Antena 1 and Kanal D. It is owned by Central European Media Enterprises, an European subsidiary of WarnerMedia (pending sale to PPF Group). It used practically the same logo style from its launch in 1995 until 28 August 2017, when CME rebranded all its Romanian channels with the Pro brand and introduced a new logo scheme.


Canal 31 Romana logo Pro TV Pre-launch logo 1994 Pro TV Romania Logo (1995-1999)-0 ProTV 1999 PRO TV (2003-2008)
1993–1995 1994–1995 (prelaunch) 1995–1999 1999–2003 2003–2008
PRO TV (2008-2013) Pro-tv-prezinta-reteta-pentru-o-toamna-de-succes 2015-11-08 18.17.17 PRO TV (2016-.n.v., s fonom) Pro TV 2017 blue
2008–2013 2013–2015 2015–2016 2016–2017 2017–present


Pro TV HD logo 2006 PRO TV HD Pro TV HD logo 2017
2006–2016 2016–2017 2017–present

Canal 31


Canal 31 Romana logo

PRO TV was first named Canal 31, was launched on 1993.

Pro TV

1994–1995 (prelaunch)

Pro TV Pre-launch logo 1994

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Pro TV Romania Logo (1995-1999)-0

On December 1, 1995, Canal 31 became PRO TV.


ProTV 1999


PRO TV (2003-2008)

In 2006, Pro TV was the first Romanian channel to launch an HD feed, thereby making it one of the first HD channels in Europe. Competitor Antena 1 launched an HD feed only after ten years, in 2016, when most leading European TV channels had already gone HD.


PRO TV (2008-2013)



The logo was straightened.


2015-11-08 18.17.17

The Pro TV logo was now put inside a blue square box, and the bevels and glossy effects were removed.


PRO TV (2016-.n.v., s fonom)

The well-known red-green-blue stripes were removed; the logo was now completely white.


Pro TV 2017 blue

Pro TV and its sister channels underwent a major rebranding on 28 August 2017. This rebrand was similar to that of Czech sister network TV Nova on 4 February 2017, as all channels were unified under the Pro brand (as was the case in the Czech Republic with the Nova brand). Acasă, Acasă Gold and were rebranded to Pro 2, Pro Gold and Pro X, respectively (in a similar fashion as Nova 2 and Nova Gold in the Czech Republic).

Pro TV dropped its dated-looking 22-year-old logo for the first time in its history, and it and its sister channels introduced a new logo scheme and graphics package that feature an interpunct (•). The new corporate typeface is Filson Pro, which is used by all Pro channels in their on-air graphics.

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