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Panamericana Televisión S.A., also known as Panamericana Televisión, PanTel or Panamericana and stylized as PANAMERICANA, is a Peruvian television channel founded by the family Delgado Parker, which in turn owns the radio of the same name in collaboration with the Cuban media magnate Goar Mestre (founded a year later in Argentina Canal 13),the transnational Philips for the equipment of the channel and CBS, dedicated to the production of content.

It is the fourth channel in general and one of the oldest in Peru after TV Perú, América Televisión and the old Canal 9 TV El Sol, whose signal today is ATV.

Recognized pioneer of his generation, Panamericana has launched several journalists, television broadcasters and animators to the stars who are now triumphant on the peruvian television and one of the few private channels to offer culture.

The channel is currently owned by Telespectra Global Corporation & Consulting S.A.C., a company owned by the family Schutz, and since 2015 has maintained a commercial alliance with Latina Televisión.


Panamericana TV 1959 (logo principal).svg

Panamericana as a television company was inaugurated on October 16, 1959 by Genaro Delgado Brandt and his children, the Delgado Parker brothers. The first logo of the nascent station was the letters "Panamericana" in handwritten typography and below, the word "TELEVISION" in Futura Light typography.


Panamericana TV 1959.svg

As a channel, it had its first logo, which was the aforementioned wordmark, below, a giant "13" in square typeface and above that number, the word "canal".


Panamericana TV 1965 logo principal.svg

On October 16, 1965, the sixth anniversary of the channel and company, Panamericana moved to its current frequency, channel 5 and the logo for the new frequency was a giant "5" formed by curved lines and a ball at the end and above the circle of 5, the word "CANAL".

This was the logo with which the channel, in the company of América Televisión (then called Canal 4), was used for the parastatal group Telecentro, created in the military dictatorship of Velasco.


Panamericana TV 1965.svg

A variant of the logo of the 5 was the name of the channel, to the right of the "a", the letters of "TV" and the mentioned "5".



Panamericana TV 1967.svg

Another variant of the 5 logo was the same, but with the name of the channel with the typography changed and the 5 penetrating with the text.


Panamericana TV 1967 logo principal.svg

In 1970, 5 of the logo is omitted and the word "TELEVISION" is added below the channel name.


Panamericana TV 1978.svg

In 1978, with the arrival of the color, the logo was modified, adding a red white border screen behind it, two lines above and at the bottom and top of the channel name and below and also above the screen, five yellow stars of Five tips aligned horizontally.

Although it was already used since 1970, it was only seen in advertising of the time and the logo appeared on the screen only in 1978.



Panamericana TV 1979.svg

On the day of the 20th anniversary of the channel, on October 16, 1979, the best known and remembered logo was released by many. These were the letters "PANTEL" (short for the name of the channel) in red and with small circles and behind the logo, two rectangles (occasionally only one) of yellow color also formed by circles.


Panamericana TV 1989.svg

In 1989, with the arrival of the satellite, the logo was modified, which are the letters "PANTEL" (which are now solid and made of diamond), in the lower right part of the logo, the letters "SAT" and a colored light crossing the logo.



Panamericana TV 1991.svg

In August 1991, the logo was modified, consisting of the letters "PANAMERICANA" in narrow Eras Bold typeface, below, the word "TELEVISION" in normal Helvetic typeface stretched to the right, both gray and below, a line of yellow color. It is similar to the Radio Panamericana logo used between 1994 and 2007.

1992–January 1993

Panamericana TV 1992.svg

In June 1992, a neon yellow cone was added to the 1991 logo with a light yellow sphere inside the cone, located at the top of the logo.

January–November 1993

Panamericana TV 1993 1.svg

In January 1993, a redesign was made to the logo, with the cone and the sphere drawn in gold and with the words and line with the modified typography, all in gold.


Panamericana TV 1993 2.svg

On November 5, 1993, the design of the PANTEL is resumed on a rectangle used in the 80s, with the difference that it is simplified and in golden color.

In November 1996, the Delgado family sold the channel to Ernesto Schutz Landázuri, founder of Telespectra and changed course in order to modernize the channel and its programming.




Panamericana TV 1997.svg

On April 1, 1997, under the management of Ernesto Schutz Landázuri, founder of Telespectra, Panamericana renewed completely its image.

This new logo consists of a yellow black edge screen tilted to the right, on top of a black vertical rectangle shaded by a red spherical ellipse, forming a letter "P", below, the name "PANAMERICANA" in black and Helvetica Bold typography narrow, underneath, the word "TELEVISION" in red and in normal Helvética typography and below, a black horizontal line. This logo looks a lot like the RPP logo of that moment (used until 2018).


Panamericana TV 1998.svg

In November 1998, with the change of slogan, the edge, the word "PANAMERICANA" and the line are golden yellow and acquires a 3D look.


Panamericana TV 2000.svg

On the 41st anniversary of the channel, on October 16, 2000, the order of the elements of the logo was modified, the word "PANAMERICANA" is now thicker and larger, the word "TELEVISION" is now located in the lower right, the line goes from black or gold to red and the "P" logo with screen is relocated to the letters "ANAM" of the channel name. This logo looks like the Discovery Channel logo of that moment (used until 2009 in Latin America).


Panamericana TV 2002.svg

In October 2002, the logo was slightly modified. The yellow screen behind the "P" loses the inclination and its appearance changes slightly.


Panamericana TV 2003.svg

In September 2003, the design of 1997 is resumed, but with the screen without the inclination, with the "P" slightly modified and the typography resembles the logos of 2000 and 2002.



Panamericana TV 2004.svg

On the 45th anniversary of the channel, on October 16, 2004, the channel changed completely for the first time since 1997. The logo consists of a golden rectangular rectangle of 16: 9 (similar to an LCD screen) and below, the word "PANAMERICANA" in narrow Black Helvetica typography (or white with shadow) and below, the word "TELEVISION PERUANA" in normal Helvética typography, being the only time a slogan is part of the channel logo.

The logo shares a similarity with the well-known National Geographic logo, but with the difference that it is cast.

2008–January 2009

Panamericana TV 2008.svg

In June 2008, the logo was slightly modified, with the entire logo light green gradient.

January–June 2009

Panamericana TV 2009 1.svg

In January 2009, the gradient becomes light blue and shadow is added to the logo.

June–July 2009

Panamericana TV 2009 2.svg

On June 8, 2009, with the return of the Schutz family (the son of Ernesto Schhutz Landazuri, Ernesto Schutz Freundt, to be exact), a transition image was made to the new management and programming, which consisted of the logo of 2000, but without the "P" screen.

July–September 2009

Panamericana TV 2009 3.svg

On July 18, 2009, a new logo was launched, consisting of a thick yellow curved line, to the right, a red bent line and in the lower right, a gray curved line, with the light gray interior part, and below, the word "PANAMERICANA" with the typography of the 2000 logo and below, the word "TELEVISION" extended and red.

September–October 2009

Panamericana TV 2009 4.svg

On September 1, 2009, a redesign of the isotype was made.

The yellow line becomes red and more elongated, the folded line becomes yellow and the gray part becomes light blue, returning to the "P" shape that was not used between 2004 and 2009, but retains the gray background of the inside of the isotype.

October 2009–2020

October 2009–2012

Panamericana TV 2009 5.svg

On October 18, 2009, once the 50th anniversary celebrations of the channel ended, the logo was modified to its definitive version, the yellow line becomes three folds to two, the line becomes lighter blue and the Channel name becomes Helvetica Condensed Black and the word "TELEVISION" was removed for the first time in 50 years.

In channel identification, since November 2009 a 3D variant is used that is occasionally silver in color.



Panamericana TV 2012.svg

On December 1, 2012, the channel made its first variant of the current logo, which consists of the isotype drilling a black trapezoid (the trapezoid shape resembles the current Radio Panamericana logo), below, another elongated trapezoid containing over perforated, the word "PANAMERICANA", which for the first time in eighteen years changes its typography to normal Square721.


Panamericana TV 2013.svg

On the 54th anniversary of the channel, on October 16, 2013, the "P" logo with trapezoids becomes red as does the trapezoid with the text "PANAMERICANA".


Panamericana TV 2014.svg

On the day of the 55th anniversary of the channel, on October 16, 2014, the logo was modified to its current version that omits the logo trapezoids, the "P" isotype takes up its 2009 logo colors and now in 3D, but maintains the name typography used since 2012, but in red. For the first time in the history of the channel it is discovered that the isotype of the "P" in 3D was actually part of the Panamericana Televisión logo, since it was used during 2009 and 2012 in the wedges and is now part of the channel's corporate logo.


Panamericana TV 2020.svg

In 2020, Panamericana changes its image completely to commemorate its 61st anniversary.

This is a modified version of the 2009 logo with the lines all together and removes the red and yellow colors, leaving only the light blue color, plus the wordmark part is modified and the remaining letters of the channel name are now lowercase except the "P", similar to the first wordmark of 1959.

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