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Panorama was a Chilean newscast broadcast by Chilevisión (then Universidad de Chile Televisión) between 1983 and 1991.



Panorama Canal 11 Chile Intro (1983)
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Helvetica
Launched:  9 May 1983

Panorama was created in 1983 as a successor for En Directo (see chronology below). Its first logo consisted of the newscast's name written in Helvetica. The intros were based on the ones of the newscasts of KTVX (ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States).


Panorama UCH-TV 1983

Around 1985, the logo was modified, adding a plane of the Earth's continents with a spherical-like extrusion in the Northern Hemisphere. This modification came with a new intro for the newscast's main edition, though the other editions kept the KTVX-based intros.


Panorama 1987
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Microgramma
Launched:  Unknown

In 1987, another logo was created. The introduction featured various videoclips bordered by a "sky" with a computer's keyboard.

Panorama (Chilevisión) Intro (1987)

The intro of the main newscast.


Panorama UCH-TV 1990 (1)

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Panorama UCH-TV 1990 (2)

In 1990, Panorama launched another logo, which had a circle with a futuristic looking "P" cut in it (a design that strikingly resembles the logo of KTVU, Fox Owned & Operated station in Oakland/San Francisco, California). The wordmark is over a metallic rectangle.

This would be the last logo used by Panorama, as it would end on March 22, 1991, due to internal changes at Universidad de Chile Televisión (which was renamed to RTU).

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