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Paralympic 1988

This was first used as the logo for the Seoul 1988 games; the first Paralympics held in tandem to the Olympics in the same city since 1964. The International Olympic Committee deemed this logo too similar to the Olympic Rings to serve as the International Paralympics Committee logo and requested that it be changed.


Paralympic 1994

This logo takes inspiration from the former, taking the number of segments down to 3. The colours red, green and blue were chosen as they are the three most commonly used colours on national flags. It was used from the Lillehammer 1994 winter games up to the Athens 2004 summer games when the new logo had already officially taken effect.



This logo is derived from the latin term Agitos which means "I move". The three ticks encircle a singular point, symbolising motion and the meeting of athletes from across the globe for competition. This logo was presented at the closing ceremony of the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games and it was first used on a game emblem during the Torino 2006 winter games.

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