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1914 1914–1917 1917–1967 1967–present
1914 1914–1917 1917–1967 1967–present


Paramount Pictures (1914).png
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Despite Paramount Pictures as a film studio being established on May 8, 1912, the actual Paramount Pictures name first materialized in 1914, during the company's early years as a distribution company. Paramount would become a wholly owned division of Famous Players Film Company at around 1916.


Paramount Pictures 1914.svg
Designer:  William Wadsworth Hodkinson
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  1914

During this period in 1914, Paramount's logo consisted of a drawing of a mountain peak placed inside a circular field of 29 stars with the company name in a script font, a design which has since been passed onto all of the company's subsequent logo designs.


Paramount Pictures 1917.svg
Designer:  William Wadsworth Hodkinson
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  1917

This logo is based on a design in 1917 by William Wadsworth Hodkinson. Compared to the previous logo, this one was simplified, and the number of stars was decreased to 24, one for every actor that had a contract with the studio at the time.


Paramount Pictures Corporation.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  1967

In 1967, Paramount modified the logo by removing the clouds at the foot of the mountain, and then updated the text to drop the word "Pictures". Two of the stars were also dropped, reducing the number to 22. Strangely, the logo was never updated on-screen to this variant until 1975.

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