This article is about the German TV channel. For the Hong Kong TV channel, see Phoenix Television.


1997–2000 2000–2008 2008–2018 2018-present
1997–2000 2000–2008 2008–2018 2018-present

Phoenix (stylised as phoenix) is a German TV channel jointly run by the German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF, airing news & current affairs, documentaries and discussion shows. It has used the slogan Das ganze Bild since its launch in 1997.


Phoenix original logo.svg


Phoenix logo.svg


Phoenix logo 2008.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Avenir
Launched:  Unknown

Phoenix received a new look in November 2008. The new look was created by the design department of WDR. The blue colour was abandoned in favour of a grey design. The logo has been stretched so it has the same proportions as the then-new wider television screens.


Phoenix 2018.svg

Phoenix introduced a new simplified logo and graphics package on 4 June 2018, adopting a petrol-green colour for use in the on-air identity and retained the Avenir font. However, the logo bug shifted from the traditional top left corner to the bottom left, which is also used by fellow German news channel Welt.