Ma Planète


MA PLANETE 2003.jpg

2D version.

Ma planète launched on November 5, 2003 and is a children's version of Planète. The branding was designed by View.


MA PLANETE 2006.jpg

A very rare rectangle version, mimicking the first logo of Planète.

The channel gained a lew logo and look in December 2005 that coincides with its 2nd anniversary. Once again, View was behind this rebrand.

Planète Juniors


Planète Juniors.png

When TPS and Canalsat were merging, one channel similar to Ma planète which launched a few months before called Eurêka! merged with the former on May 4, 2007, which was renamed to Planète Juniors exactly 4 months later in September.

This time Dream On designed the new look. The logo is not a perfect square anymore and would change colors periodically.

After many failed attempts to regain viewers, Planète Juniors closed down on March 22, 2009 and some of its programs moved to Télétoon.