Super NES CD-ROM System

1991 (unused prototype)

Superdisc logo recreation

The PlayStation was originally planned as a CD-ROM based peripheral for the Super Nintendo, developed in a partnership between Nintendo and Sony. But when the contract with Nintendo failed, this project was abandoned and later Sony started to produce it's own console.


1992–1994 (pre-launch)

PlayStation prototype

Several prototype designs were considered before the final logo was chosen.

1994–2006; 2018–present (PlayStation Classic)

PlayStation (Color)

The 20th logo on the pre-launch design table was chosen.

The console was discontinued in 2006. By that time, PlayStation 2 was on market for 6 years and PlayStation 3 was about to premiere.

1994–2006 (Japan) SCEI


1995–2006 (North America and South America) SCEA

PlayStation console PSX

1995–2006 (Europe) SCEE

PlayStation europe console PSX

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