Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Mata (modified)
Launched:  Unknown

The original PlayStation 3 logo uses T-26's "Mata", the same font as Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man movie (also a Sony production), designed by Greg Samata. According to the console's industrial designer, Teiyu Goto, this font choice was made by then SCE president Ken Kutaragi; and the very shape of the console was inspired by the font. Despite the logo change in 2009, this logo was still seen on older games.[1]


PlayStation 3 Logo.svg

In 2009, Sony announced and released the Slim model of the PS3. Alongside the announcement was the 2009 PlayStation icon and the new wordmark that would later be used for the PSVita, PS4 and PS5. It would be used up until the system's discontinuation in 2017. Despite the discontinuation, as of 2021, PS3, and well as some other seventh generation consoles, is still available to buy at several GameStop locations until there are none of them left.

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