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Prelaunch (1 to 4 December 1992)

First logo (1992–1994)

Second logo (1994–2003)


Polsat 1994 logo (sun).png

A series of idents with a young girl (1995–1996).






Polsat got a red look in the fall of 2002.

Third logo (2003–2006)


Idents for the seasons:


These graphics were introduced on 1 March 2004.

The autumn ident is similar to the general ident from 2004.


Polsat introduced a new blue look in 2005.

Current logo (2006–present)


Polsat introduced its current logo on Monday 27 February 2006, and a new graphics package featuring shining stripes in white, orange-yellow and red, as well as the FF DIN typeface. A new set of idents was launched which focused on ordinary people. The intention of the rebrand was to have a friendly and lively look as compared to public TV broadcaster Telewizja Polska and commercial broadcaster TVN. The graphics and idents were created by German design agency Velvet mediendesign.

This graphics package was used for exactly 13 years; it was retired on 27 February 2019. Also it is the only identity that was used by Polsat for a very long time.


On 27 February 2019, exactly thirteen years after the previous rebrand, Polsat introduced a new graphics package featuring the popular Lato typeface, which was developed in Poland. The 2006 logo remains unchanged.

The channel’s longtime slogan, Włącz emocje (‘turn on emotions’), is used in the on-screen identity as a hashtag. The graphics were commissioned by another German design agency, Luxlotusliner, which had rebranded competitor TVN in 2013. The jingle is now in B minor instead of D major: A F♯ E F♯ A B.

On 6 April 2020, eight sister channels adopted a variation of this graphics package and theme music: Polsat 2, Super Polsat, Polsat Film, Polsat Café, Polsat Doku, Polsat Play, Polsat Seriale and the international channel Polsat 1. The jingle used by Polsat in the B minor chord has been modified for Polsat 2 and Super Polsat.

Logo against new background.

The new idents feature people taking selfies using a selfie stick with the Polsat sun on their phone covers. The idents also feature hashtags such as #miłość (#love), #przyjaźń (#friendship) and #zabawa (#fun).

In the text used in the on-screen identity presentation, one or two random letters are coloured in a different colour than the rest of the text.

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