1997–2000 2000–2001 2002–2007 2006/2007 (unused)
1997–2000 2000–2001 2002–2007 2006/2007 (unused)
2007–2020 2020–2021 2021 (canceled) 2021–present
2007–2020 2020–2021 2021 (canceled) 2021–present

Polsat 2 is a generalist entertainment channel owned by the Polish broadcaster Grupa Polsat Plus It is the third-most-popular channel of the group, after Polsat and TV4.

Polsat 2 (first era)


Polsat 2 (1997).svg

The first used logo of Polsat 2 was a big, purple 2 behind yellow text, read as the word "Polsat".

Polsat 2 Info


Polsat 2 Info.svg

The same logo was used, but it uses text the same size as the two, which says the word "INFO".

Polsat 2 International


Polsat 2 International.svg

The logo changes in 2002. It uses a big, yellow curve with yellow text inside the curve, which says "POLSAT 2". The logo also includes smaller, white text which says "international".

Polsat 2 (second era)

2006/2007 (unused)

Polsat 2 (2006).svg


Polsat 2 logo.svg

The logo then changes in 2007. It includes a white 2 inside a curve, which is also inside an orange square. Below it, there is white text, saying "POLSAT" inside a red square.


Polsat 2 2020.svg

Polsat 2, along with seven other sister channels (Super Polsat, Polsat Film, Polsat Café, Polsat Doku, Polsat Play, Polsat Seriale and the international channel Polsat 1), introduced new logos and graphics packages on 6 April 2020. The graphics and theme music are derived from those used by the parent channel since February 2019. Polsat 1 also slightly modified its logo.


Polsat 2 2021.svg
Designer:  Saffron Brand Consultants
Luxlotusliner (2021, idents)
Typography:  GPP Text (custom typeface)
Launched:  30 August 2021

Telewizja Polsat revealed a new logo on 10 June 2021 along with Plus and the newly rebranded parent company, Grupa Polsat Plus. However, the Polsat TV channels started to show elements of the rebranding only on 2 August 2021. All the Polsat channels, including Polsat 2, officially changed their logos and graphics on 30 August 2021, on the same day as TVN7, another large Polish channel.

Polsat Dwa

2021 (unused)

Polsat dwa 2021.svg

Polsat 2 revealed a new logo and name on 10 June 2021 along with Plus and the newly rebranded parent company, Grupa Polsat Plus. The name would been Polsat Dwa (Polsat Two), but this was canceled and the existing name of Polsat 2 was retained.