Power Rangers is an American superhero action franchise produced using footage from the Japanese Super Sentai franchise. Shows from both Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises have been broadcast in South Korea under the name Power Rangers.

Main Logos


MMPR Era Logo

Usually, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers logo was used, but this version was used in foreign markets.

MMPR Era Logo 2

Version used on american merchandise.


Power rangers

The basic logotype had been introduced in 1996 with Zeo, and was standardised with Power Rangers in Space two years later until Wild Force.


PR Logo (Disney Era)


Power rangers logo

Version used for Power Rangers Ninja Storm until RPM and Merchandise for Saban Brands.

2011-2018 (Neo-Saban Era)


Power rangers 2011 logo

Only used for Power Rangers Samurai, Super Samurai and EmPower.


Power rangers logo saban 2

Version used within the logos for Megaforce, Super Megaforce, Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge.


Power rangers logo saban 3

Variant used within the logos for Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel.



New version used for Power Rangers movie reboot and merchandise for Saban Brands.


Power Rangers 2018 Logo

2018 (anniversary branding)

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Logo

New logo for the franchise's 25th anniversary.

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Lightning Logo

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The new logo as it appeared in the logo reveal.

The new logo was announced on February 15, 2018, as the franchise ditched its longtime merchandising partner, Bandai, to join toys and games juggernaut company Hasbro.

Not long after being new licensee of Power Rangers toyline, Hasbro announced it would acquire the entire franchise altogether from Saban Brands (which closed their operations on June 2, 2018) and became the sole owner of Power Rangers brand. The acquisition was completed on May 1, 2018.

Individual Series

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993–1995) all seasons of zordon era


Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1996)


Power Rangers Zeo (1996)

Power Rangers Zeo Logo

Power Rangers Turbo (1997)

Power rangers turbo logo

Power Rangers In Space (1998)

Power Rangers In Space Logo

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999) all seasons of Post-zordon era

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Logo

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Logo

Power Rangers Time Force (2001)

Power Rangers Time Force Logo

Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Saban´s Power Rangers Wild Force Logo

Saban Version

Power Rangers Wild Force Logo

Post-Saban Version, pre-Disney

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) all seasons of disney era

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Logo

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Logo

Power Rangers SPD (2005)

Power Rangers SPD Logo

Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006)

Power Rangers Mystic Force Logo

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007)

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive S15 logo 2007

Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Logo

Power Rangers RPM (2009)

Power Rangers RPM Logo

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (v2) (2010) remastered

MMPR 2010 New Logo

Power Rangers Samurai (2011) all seasons of neo saban era

Power Rangers Samurai Logo

Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012)


Power Rangers Megaforce (2013)


Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014)


Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015)


Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (2016)

Dino Supercharge

Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017)


Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel (2018)

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Official logo

Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2019) all seasons of hasbro era

Power Rangers BM


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)


Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997)


Saban's Power Rangers (2017)


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