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1988–1990 1990–2001 2001–2011 2011–present

Prime Television


Prime Television 1988.png
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Prime Television became a network in May 1988, with shared logos produced and used across the regional stations (except for the Griffith station which wasn't added until November), featuring the word Prime Television either above an outlined triangle or rectangle. Aggregation occurred across the network on 31 March 1989, along with the introduction of a green logo featuring the word prime with the letter i dotted with a stylised globe. This logo continued to be used as a secondary logo between 1990 and 1996.


Prime 2000.svg

A new circular logo was introduced in 1990. It was first used for station identification until 1996 when it became the corporate logo.


Prime 2001.svg

A new simplified yellow logo with the removal of the circle was launched in February 2001. This logo was launched concurrently with a similarly designed logo on the Golden West Network.




On 15 January 2011, both Prime and GWN were rebranded to Prime7 and GWN7.