NEN9 1965-69 ECN-8 (1968) NRN-11 and ECN-8 (1968) (REVISED) 9-8 Television (1972) Great Eastland Television 1975-1987
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NEN-9 Tamworth/Upper Naomi


NEN9 1965-69
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NEN-9 Tamworth/Upper Naomi began transmission on 10 April 1965 with relay station NEN-1 Armidale, later NEN-10, opening on 15 July 1966. The callsign stood for New England New South Wales.

ECN-8 Taree/Manning River


ECN-8 (1968)

ECN-8 Taree/Manning River began transmission on 27 May 1966. The callsign stood for East Coast New South Wales. A relay station is later set up at Gloucester on VHF-11.

Northern Rivers Television


NRN-11 and ECN-8 (1968) (REVISED)

In 1968, ECN-8 Taree merged with Coffs Harbour station NRN-11 to form Northern Rivers Television. This was a disaster and they both demerged a year later.

9-8 Television (Television New England)


9-8 Television (1972)

In November 1971, NEN-9 Tamworth merged with Taree station ECN-8 to form Television New England, but continued to use the ECN callsign into the mid 1980's. It happened after ECN's failed merger with NRN-11, who later merged with Lismore station RTN-8 to re-form Northern Rivers Television (now WIN Northern NSW). In 1984, the station branded itself 9-8 Television to reflect the channel numbers of the Tamworth and Taree stations.

By the mid-1980's NEN would be broadcasting to Mt. Dowe (Kaputar Plateau) on VHF-9, and to Middle Brother Mountain on VHF-8, with translators at Armidale, Ashford, Inverell, and Quirindi on VHF-10, Glenn Innes on VHF-3, Gloucester on VHF-11, Tamworth on VHF-0, Walcha on VHF-1, Laurieton on UHF-47, and Lightning Ridge on UHF-69.

Great Eastland Television (GET)


Great Eastland Television 1975-1987

On 19 October 1975, NEN-9 Tamworth, in partnership with DDQ-10/DDQ-5a Toowoomba, SDQ-4 Warwick, RTN-8 Lismore, NRN-11 Coffs Harbour and ECN-8 Taree renamed themselves the Great Eastland Television Network. In 1987, NEN reverted to the 9-8 brand.

Prime Northern NSW


Prime Television 1988

In 1989, Prime purchased the station, rebranded it Prime Television and aligned it with the Seven Network before changing ECN's callsign to NEN in preparation for aggregation. On 31 December 1991 when aggregation occurred across Northern NSW, the channel expanded to Coffs Harbour on UHF-31, Newcastle on UHF-54 and Lismore on UHF-44.


Prime 2000


Prime 2001

Prime7 Northern NSW



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