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1967–1986 1986–1996 1996–2002 2002–2009 2009–2020 (US), 2009–present (International) 2020–present (US)
1967–1986 1986–1996 1996–2002 2002–2009 2009–2020 (US), 2009–present (International) 2020–present (US)



Pringles logo 1967.svg

Until 1986, Pringles was spelt with an apostrophe before the "s". The mascot Mr. Pringle was designed in 1967, with this logo design.



Pringles 1986.svg

In 1986, Mr. Pringle's face became rounder, his eyes were more apparent, his moustache was slightly changed, and a mouth was added. The apostrophe in "PRINGLE'S" was also dropped. This logo was brought back in 2011 for a series of "Rewind Edition" Pringles cans.



Mr. Pringles' rosy cheeks and visible mouth disappeared in late-1996.



Between January and September 2002, the eyebrows were dropped and a red bow tie was added, plus a new lowercase wordmark was introduced. Mr. Pringles' hairstyle was also changed.

2009–2020 (US), 2009–present (International)

Pringles logo 2009.svg

In 2009, a more jazzed up version of Mr. Pringles was launched with an updated wordmark and the "i" now dotted with a chip/crisp.

This logo is still used internationally and on the "Rice Fusion" range.

2020–present (US)

Pringles 2020.svg

In December 2020, Pringles unveiled a simplified logo in the United States. Mr. Pringles' design was simplified with his hair removed, his eyebrows were brought back, and the bowtie was minimalized and made sharper. The 2009 wordmark remains, but the proportion has been slightly tweaked. Retail cans, however, use an all-caps font situated on the 1996-2002 bowtie design.

As of now, the new logo is only used in the United States. Everywhere else continues to use the 2009 logo.

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