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Eureka TV Germany Pro7 ProSieben ProSieben old Pro7 2 ProSieben 2015 wordmark
1987–1988 1989–1994, 2016 (special) 1994–present 1994–1997 1997–2000 2015–present (wordmark)

ProSieben (sieben being the German word for ‘seven’) is a German free-to-air television channel and one of the three main channels (along with Sat.1 and Kabel eins) of ProSiebenSat.1 Media, one of two main commercial free-to-air TV broadcasters in Germany, the other being Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. ProSieben, along with Sat.1 and competitor RTL, is one of the most popular commercial channels in the country.

ProSieben’s slogan is in English: We love to entertain you. The channel has released several promotional ads that featuring celebrities promoting this slogan, starting from 2008, when a single of the same name was released.

Eureka TV


Eureka TV Germany

Eureka TV was the forerunner of ProSieben. It was launched on 1 May 1987 and shut down on 31 December 1988. It was replaced by Pro7.


1989–1994, 2016 (special)


ProSieben started out as Pro7 on 1 January 1989, replacing Eureka TV. This logo was briefly brought back on air in 2016, on 2 June, 9 June, 6 October and 24 October.




ProSieben adopted a new logo on 24 October 1994, which is used to the present day. When the new logo was launched it often had the name ProSieben written below it, as below.


ProSieben old

The on-screen logo was positioned at the top left corner of the screen in the initial years of the channel; around 1996 it moved to the top right, where it has stayed ever since. All other ProSiebenSat.1 Media channels also place their logo bug in the top right corner.


Pro7 2

The style of writing ProSieben changed. Later, in 2000, the wordmark was removed; since then, the symbol alone has worked as the full logo. However, the channel has a wordmark that appears occasionally in on-screen branding; it is completely independent of the logo.

ProSieben, Sat.1 and kabel eins all launched HD simulcasts on 31 January 2010, using an HD wordmark with a gap near the top of the D. A different HD logo was introduced when the channel rebranded in February 2015. When kabel eins and Sat.1 rebranded later in 2015–2016, their HD logos did not use this wordmark, meaning that the same HD wordmark was no longer used for all of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media channels.

Wordmark: 2015–present

ProSieben 2015 wordmark

ProSieben underwent a rebranding on 12 February 2015, introducing a new graphics package after several years that makes use of the Campton typeface (shortly after ProSieben Newstime had rebranded in December 2014, also introducing Campton). Furthermore, the HD logo was modified. The wordmark never appears along with the logo, but rather in channel idents and break bumpers.

ProSieben Redesign 2015

ProSieben Redesign 2015

The previous graphics had been introduced in March 2009.


  • TV platforms in Germany, unlike in several other European countries, do not have fixed channel numbers for channels (other than Das Erste and ZDF). Indeed, ProSieben is never found at channel 7. In contrast, TV platforms in Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden always place La7, RTL 7 and Sjuan, respectively, on channel 7. (Moreover, TV platforms in France always place Arte at channel 7, despite it not being named as such.)

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