2003–2007 2007–2009 2009–2017 2017–present
2003–2007 2007–2009 2009–2017 2017–present

Pro X is a Romanian men’s interest TV channel, formerly a sports TV channel. It is owned by Central European Media Enterprises (a subsidiary of the Czech holding company PPF Group) which owns the national channel Pro TV and other Pro-branded channels in Romania and Moldova. It was originally launched as TV Sport on 27 July 2003, then was renamed to Sport.ro in 2007, before a second renaming to Pro X in 2017 as part of a large-scale rebranding.

TV Sport


TV Sport.svg

Pro X was launched as TV Sport on 27 July 2003. In March 2007, Pro TV SA bought the channel from Romanian businessman Silviu Prigoană.




Sport.ro (2007-2009).png
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On 1 June 2007, TV Sport rebranded to Sport.ro.


Sport.ro (2009-2017).png
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Pro X


PRO X (2017).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Filson Pro
Launched:  28 August 2017

On 28 August 2017, Sport.ro was renamed to Pro X, and introduced a new logo and look along with the other Pro TV channels. Filson Pro, designed by the French type foundry Mostardesign, is the on-screen typeface. This rebrand was similar to that of Czech sister broadcaster TV Nova’s channels, which took place on 4 February 2017.

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