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Promart 2011 Promart 2019
2011-2019 2019-present

Homecenters Peruanos S.A., also known as Promart Homecenter and commonly called simply as Promart, is the chain of home improvement and construction stores owned by Intercorp.



Promart 2011

The first and current Promart logo at the moment is a thick round line folded in three parts to form the roof of the house and the fireplace and a rounded horizontal straight line, both orange and on the right, the word "PROMART" in black or orange in some cases and in thick typography and below the word "HOMECENTER" separate, also in black or sometimes orange and in a light typeface.

Occasionally it appears on an orange background and the house and the second word of the name are white (although sometimes the main logo is white).


Promart 2019
On September 12, 2019, Promart renewed its corporate image, which is the same, with the difference that the word "HOMECENTER" is larger than the Promart logo.
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