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2006–2010 2010–2015 2015–2020, 2021–present 2020–2021
2006–2010 2010–2015 2015–2020, 2021–present 2020–2021

Prva Srpska Televizija, known as simply Prva (The First), is a nationwide commercial TV channel in Serbia. It was launched in 2006 as Fox Televizija, then acquired by Greece’s Antenna Group in 2010 and renamed to Prva, before being acquired by Kopernikus Corporation in 2018 along with other Prva-branded channels and O2.TV (now called B92).

Fox Televizija


Foxtelevizijad.o.o. logo 25.png

Experimental broadcasts began 6 September 2006, with the first actual program being shown three days later. Wordmark scarcely used after around 2007 on-air, itself being featured as part of the on-screen bug during experimental broadcasts from September to December 2006.

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Prva Srpska Televizija


Prva TV.svg

This logo was adopted on 20 September 2010.

Althrough this logo was adopted before the channel's launch, as part of a teaser for the name change that began broadcasts during spring of 2010, the definite on-screen logo was adopted on 1 September 2010 as part of a graphic indicating the countdown until the channel's launch.

The logo after or before commercials, as part of the transition animation, was at the center right until 3 September 2013, which is the date it moved to the bottom right corner of the screen. A version without the "PRVA" featured in the main logo was used as the favicon on the network's website from December 2013 to 1 September 2015.


2015–2020, 2021–present

Prva Srpska Televizija (2015).png
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On 30 August 2015, a countdown on top left corner appeared, starting to count down at around 19:10 of that day. This tentative countdown led to a newly announced visual identity which includes a new logo, which debuted on 1 September 2015 at 18:00. The new identity was made to go with new programming. The logo was changed with a 10-second countdown showing the old logo on the white-cyan gradient background, then, as the countdown was going to its end, the reverse of the very first "Moja Prva" ident (also aired when the channel launched on 20 September 2010) would play, and the logo would gradually disassemble. The appearance of a continuously growing piano meant a sign that the logo has just changed. The very first appearance of the new logo had the "moja" script different from the ident showing the previous logo, with a "tick tick" sound - each "tick" would make the logo grow up a little.

However on 1 September 2015, the new logo suddenly appeared on-screen at 13:11, during the promo block end ident, just before to revert to the old logo.

On-screen, the logo has a "tick tick" sound after commercials and/or promos (the logo would form from a bubble moving up from center right to top right corner, reminiscent of the 2010–2013 graphics), and it would form out into the big Prva logo on center right at the end of a program with that logo (after the bubble moves from top to center right). Each 32 seconds, the number one would revert to "PRVA" and vice versa. However, this was changed after January 2021 - while the logo still forms from a bubble moving to the top right corner of the screen, a different chime is heard instead.


Prva Srpska Televizija 2020.png
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On 20 September 2020, the channel's tenth anniversary of broadcasting under this name, the visual identity was changed while keeping this logo, which now has a more metallic look. On-screen, the logo is in grayscale but is opaque.