The first incarnation of RBC Televisión, occasionally known as "the RBC of the 80s", was the first incarnation of the eponymous channel launched in its trial version in February 1985 and officially released on December 22, 1986 and continued until 1996 when the Belmonts acquire their headquarters and his license from an evangelical church to broadcast Canal Familiar.


This is the first logo used in the campaign "Seamos Socios", promoted by Ricardo Belmont Casinelli to inaugurate Red Bicolor de Comuniciaciones S.A.A., operator of this incarnation and the following ones.

The logo was a television screen of the red time inside which the abbreviation "RBC" appears (abbreviated name of the mentioned society, although the abbreviation also mentions the initials of the name of its founder) and underneath, the word "TELEVISION" on a pair of lines of opposite directions, all these elements of white color.



In 1986, with the official launch of the channel, the logo changed, the screen is now light blue, striped and with a thick gold border surrounding it.

On top of this, the acronym "RBC" with the font used by its counterpart RBC Radio in ice blue with a white border and underneath, the word "TELEVISION" in white and small.


In 1990, the screen loses the edge and abandons the stripes.

On top of this, the word "CANAL", an "11" and the acronym of the channel with the previously used typography.

1994-january 1996

When it became a news channel, the logo was a stylized silver "11" and below it, the acronym "RBC" in Helvetica Black typeface with the same texture as the number 11.

Both the number 11 and the acronym were occasionally used separately.

January 1996, 2001-2002, 2011

Between January and April 1996, the logo was the name of the channel in Century Schoolbook typography, being used until April of that year to make way for Canal Familiar.

The logo was re-used between the discrepancies between the Belmont family and Austral Televisión (2001 and 2002) and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of RBC Televisión.

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RBC Televisión (1986-1996)
Canal Familiar
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