The second incarnation of RBC Televisión, also known as the RBC of the 21st century, was an incarnation of the eponymous channel that began broadcasting on December 22, 2006 (20 years after the first broadcast of the first RBC) until December 10, 2018, when it is relaunched as Viva TV.

RBC Televisión (first era)


RBC TV 2006
The first logo of the second RBC was a red horizontal ellipse cut by a curve in the shape of a road, above, the name "RBC" in graffiti style typography, the logo was surrounded by a ring formed by black spheres (occasionally silver on colored backgrounds) and below, the full name of the operating company in the same style.


RBC TV 2009
Then, with the arrival of Federico Anchorena as RBC manager, on June 23, 2009 a more recognizable and simplified version of the channel's "capsule" logo was released.

In this logo, the ring with spheres is removed, the ellipse is stretched and the cut is less thick and with a simplified 3D, in addition the acronym changes its typography to Gill Sans Semibold.



In 2014, with the start of HD broadcasts, the logo was modified, changing to a darker color of red and adding a couple of shades, one gray and another transparent shadow, and underneath, the word is added "Satelital" in Chaney Wide typeface.


In November 2015, with the arrival of Matrix Corporation, a modification was made to the logo, eliminating the word "Satelital" to penetrate the radio of the same name.

Despite the release of a new logo, this and the next were used separately.

Canal 11


On February 1, 2016, the channel momentarily used the name of Canal 11.

The logo was a light blue parallelogram divided into two with a gray border, above the word "Canal" in the first parallelogram and "11" in the second, both in Impact typeface and in white. The logo was used alongside the 2015 capsule logo in some facilities.

RBC Televisión (second and last era)

September 2017-2018 (closing)

RBC TV último logo
In September 2017, under the arm of RadioCorp Online, the "pill" logo was modified, as was the font, and the word "TELEVISIÓN" was added in Helvetica Light and small font.

On December 10, 2018, the channel was relaunched as Viva TV.

RBC Televisión (2006-2018)
Viva TV
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