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2013-2018 2018-2021 2021-present

RDF Media (whose legal name is Radiodifusión (RadioDiFusión) S.A.) is the radio holding of Canal 13 in Chile. It contains all of its 4 radio stations: Oasis FM, Play FM, Sonar FM and Tele13 Radio, as well as the podcasting service Emisor Podcasting.

13 Radios



RDF was launched as 13 Radios in 2013. It followed the branding scheme of each logo. In the first logo, it contained the Canal 13 logo and, to the right, a "speech bubble" with the word Radios, with a set of headphones replacing the "o".



When Canal 13 changed its logo in 2018, 13 Radios did as well: now the word "Radios" is in all-caps, using another typeface and with the "o" represented as normal (although the headphones are still present around it). The old "speech bubble" was also removed.

RDF Media



In 2021, 13 Radios was renamed to RDF Media and introduced a new logo: the RDF word is orange, while the "Media" word is black and using a condensed typeface. Below, the texts: Audio - Contenidos - Digital. RDF Media also announced the return of the old Horizonte FM radio station as a digital platform.

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