FM 3 Classical Radio


FM3 Classical Radio 90s

At that moment, it was aired on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta



Lyric FM logo 2000

In 1999, RTÉ put in place an additional national FM transmitter network, and it was decided to separate FM3 from Radio na Gaeltachta, and expand its remit to include other types of minority music. The resulting station was Lyric FM (currently styled RTÉ lyric fm). It also moved from Dublin to Limerick as part of a policy of regionalisation. At the time of the station's launch, RTÉ lyric fm’s digital studios in Cornmarket Row, Limerick, were the most advanced in the country.

RTÉ Lyric fm


RTÉ lyric fm 2003


RTÉ lyric fm


RTE Lyric

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