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RTL Veronica pre-launch logo (1988-1989) RTL Veronique (1989-1990) RTL4logozomer1990 RTL4 logo 1990 ImagesTXPY8FUE
1988–1989 (pre-launch) 1989-1990 1990 1990-1997 1997-1998
RTL4 logo 1998 RTL4 logo RTL4 RTL4 logo 2016
1998-2005 2005-2013 2013-2016 2016-present

RTL 4 is the flagship channel of RTL Nederland, the largest commercial TV broadcaster in the Netherlands and a subsidiary of the RTL Group. It was founded in 1989 as RTL Veronique in before adopting its current name in 1990. It has a generalist approach compared to the youth-oriented RTL 5, the male-oriented RTL 7 and the female-oriented RTL 8.

As the most popular Dutch commercial TV channel, RTL 4 primarily competes with Talpa Network’s flagship channel, SBS 6, and the primary public channel, NPO 1.

RTL Veronica

1988–1989 (pre-launch)

RTL Veronica pre-launch logo (1988-1989)

RTL Veronique


RTL Veronique (1989-1990)

The network was officialy launched on 2 October 1989 as RTL Veronique.





RTL4 logo 1990




RTL4 logo 1998

RTL4 got a new look in 1998, created by Pittard Sullivan.



RTL4 logo

In 2005, a new logo scheme was introduced by RTL Nederland, encompassing the entertainment channels RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7 and RTL 8; the business news block RTL Z; and the web portal (which has since been merged into RTL XL). These logos lasted until 2012–2013.




On 26 August 2013, RTL 4 underwent a rebranding, introducing its current logo and graphics package designed by the Amsterdam-based agency Fin Design. The logo consists of a number 4 made of four segments that animate like blocks, similar to the British Channel 4. FF Sero is the on–screen typeface.


RTL4 logo 2016

The parent company RTL Nederland rebranded in 2016, adopting a new RTL wordmark that was first introduced by RTL Nieuws during its May 2014 rebrand. Accordingly, RTL 4 updated its logo to reflect the new wordmark. However, the 2013 graphics remain unchanged. All the other channels and properties of RTL Nederland (with the exception of the video-on-demand service RTL XL) had followed suit by mid-2017.

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