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1997–2008 2005–2008 (secondary), 2008–present (primary)
1997–2008 2005–2008 (secondary), 2008–present (primary)

Launched on 27 October 1997, a few weeks after its leading competitor TV2, RTL Klub is the flagship TV channel of RTL Magyarország and the most-watched TV channel in the country.

RTL Klub is complemented by sister channels RTL II and Cool TV, among others, that primarily compete with TV2, SuperTV2 and other channels of TV2 Csoport, as well as SPE’s Viasat3.

Not to be confused with Club RTL, a French-language TV channel in Belgium.



RTL Klub logo.svg.png

2005–2008 (secondary), 2008–present (primary)

RTL Klub Black.svg

RTL Klub - channel rebranding


RTL Klub - channel branding 2018

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