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In 2001, NTV was launched as a property of Porto TV - Informação e Multimédia, SA., a joint-venture between PT Multimédia, Lusomundo and Radiotelevisão Portuguesa. In 2003, RTP completely acquired Porto TV - Informação e Multimédia, SA.



RTPN logo

On 31 May 2004, after the merger between Radiotelevisão Portuguesa and Radiodifusão Portuguesa (RDP), forming RTP, NTV was renamed as RTPN and changed its logo (using the RTP corporate logo, note that the colors are red).

RTP Informação


RTP Informação

In 19 September 2011, RTPN was renamed to RTP Informação and the logo changed. The logo is blue and has been turned to the left (to resemble the world globe), with the words "RTP Informação" on the right (note that the word "Informação" is big).




On 29 September 2015, it has been announced that RTP Informação will be renamed RTP3. RTP3 was launched at midnight on 05 October 2015, after the Portuguese legislative elections. The font for the number 3 would be used on latter channel's rebranding after this one, the first one being to RTP Memória. However, RTP1 and 2 keep the font of the numbers in the name, matching to the logo font itself.

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