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1997–2006 2006–2012 2012–2015 2015–2019 2019–present
1997–2006 2006–2012 2012–2015 2015–2019 2019–present

RTS Deux (RTS Two; stylised on-air as RTS 2 since 2019) is the secondary TV channel of Radio Télévision Suisse, the French-language division of SRG SSR, the public broadcaster of Switzerland. It was launched in 1997 as TSR2 to complement TSR1.



TSR2 logo 1997.svg

TSR2 was launched in 1997, replacing Switzerland 4.


TSR2 logo 2006.svg

RTS Deux


RTS Deux.svg

All the properties of SRG SSR introduced new names and logos on 29 February 2012 and, in the case of the TV channels, new graphics packages. HD feeds of the six main TV channels (two each in German, French and Italian) were also launched on that day.

Accordingly, TSR1 and TSR2 were renamed to RTS Un and RTS Deux, respectively, with new and shiny ribbon-shaped logos that differed greatly from their German and Italian counterparts. New graphics packages, featuring the Simplon font, were also introduced, and their HD feeds were launched.


RTS Deux 2015.svg

RTS Un and Deux underwent a rebranding on 28 August 2015 with a new graphics package. The RTS holding shape was separated from the Un/Deux wordmark and enlarged, and the ribbons were now rendered in 2D. Giorgio Sans, which was already used by D8 and D17 in France, was the on-screen typeface. The graphics were designed by the French agency Dream On.

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RTS 2 2019.svg

Another rebranding of the RTS channels took place on 26 August 2019, almost four years after the last rebrand. The logos were changed to read simply RTS 1 and RTS 2, in line with their German and Italian counterparts, though the channels continue to be referred to as RTS Un and RTS Deux. The colours were changed from bright blue and orange to a cooler shade of blue and orange.

Another new graphics package was introduced featuring moving squares, also created by Dream On, as well as a new theme music score, with the classic FF Din as the on-screen typeface.