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1995-2005 2005-2013 2013-2015 2015-present

Radiónica is a Colombian youth-oriented public radio station. It offers a variety of styles and trends identified by contemporary expressions as rock, jazz, blues, soul, funk, pop, punk, ska, reggae, metal, industrial, hip hop, world music and electronic. Radiónica is available on the FM in 8 cities in Colombia and in all the country by TDT. And also it's available by their website

Inravisión 99.1 Radiofusora Nacional de Colombia[]


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It started as a project in 1995 as a local station (only in Bogotá) called 99-1 Frecuencia Jóven de la Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia (99-1 Young Frecuence of Colombian National Broadcaster) until 2005 after the liquidation of Inravisión.

Radiónica (first era)[]


Radionica 2005

Radiónica was born after the creation of RTVC. Then at 15th October of 2005 during ROCK AL PARQUE 2005, the 11th edition of mentioned fest was launched and began the national coverage. These are some variants:

Señal Radiónica[]


Señalradionica 2013

RTVC becomes into Señal Colombia - Sistema de Medios Públicos, so, all Radio and TV networks changes their logos and even, some of them receive new names or start to use again old names used before.

However, Radiónica keeps being the most used term to call this radio network. It's also the only RTVC broadcaster who didn't receive such a different logo, or the pre-columbian symbol used on their sister networks. Keeping the pink symbol

Radiónica (second era)[]


Radionica 2015