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1998-2016, 2020-present 2016-2020
1998-2016, 2020-present 2016-2020

RadioCorp, also known by its acronym RC, is a Peruvian media conglomerate that began as a conglomerate of radio stations from February 15, 1998 to January 5, 2016 after selling its only radio (Viva FM) to the Grupo Panamericana de Radios , returning under the name of RadioCorp Online after relaunching Viva FM as an online radio and since November 2016 they control the channel RBC Televisión (today Viva TV), entering the television market.


1998-2016, 2020-present


The logo of the conglomerate was the letters "rc" with a stellar arc in the upper right and below and occasionally to the side, the name "radiocorp" with the second part of the name in bold.

Use the FF Meta font in this logo and in other releases.

This logo returned after the relaunch of Viva FM, which will launch on April 30, 2020.

RadioCorp Online


RadioCorp Online.svg

With the resurgence of the conglomerate in May 2016, the logo was modified by adding the word "online".

In 2020, with the return of Viva FM, it reverted to the first logo and name of the conglomerate of 1998.