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1921–1946 1946–1951 1951–1956 1956–1960 1960–1963 1963–1965
1921–1946 1946–1951 1951–1956 1956–1960 1960–1963 1963–1965
1965–1970 1970-1971 1971–1994 1972 (alternate logo) 1994–2003 2003-2011 (International)
1965–1970 1970-1971 1971–1994 1972 (alternate logo) 1994–2003 2003-2011 (International)
2009 (as The Shack) 2003-2013 (USA), 2011-2014 (Worldwide) 2013–present 2015–2020 (USA), -present (México and packalling) 2020-present (online)
2009 (as The Shack) 2003-2013 (USA), 2011-2014 (Worldwide) 2013–present 2015–2020 (USA), -present (México and packalling) 2020-present (online)

RadioShack is an American consumer electronics brand originally created as such a chain of stores in 1921 under the name "The Radio Shack Corporation."

It owns an e-commerce store for the distribution of its products that is owned by Retail Ecommerce Ventures Inc., which acquired the brand's assets through its former owner, Standard General.

The Radio Shack Corporation


RadioShack 1921.svg

The first RadioShack logo was the letters "RADIO" and "SHACK" in Roman typeface with thin shadow, behind the letters "The" in Script typeface and below, the slogan of that time.


RadioShack 1946.svg

This logo is a signage used by the brand in its flagship store in Boston, USA. This is also the first logo to display the full franchise name, although the part of "Corporation" is cut off by a dot (Corp.)

Radio Shack Corporation


RadioShack 1951.svg

In the 1950s, the brand removed the pronoun "The" from the name, leaving a name almost similar to that of its old parent company.


RadioShack 1956.svg

This logo will be the first time that the brand uses its initials. It consists of the letters R and S (for Radio and Shack respectively) joined by a ligature with a radio wave inside the "S", all over an oval.


RadioShack 1960.svg

It then changed to the brand name in serifs on top of a waving flag and its respective slogan handwritten on it.


RadioShack 1963.svg

Then he used three outlined hexagons and above them, the full name of the brand.

It shares a subtle resemblance to the logo of the now-defunct Brazilian channel Rede Tupi from 1972 to 1978, but without the RGB spheres on them.

Radio Shack



RadioShack 1965.svg

This logo is two yellow ellipses with each part of the RadioShack name in dark green. It includes the "Supermarket of Sound" slogan.


RadioShack 1970.svg

Then a similar logo appears, but with the name in italics and with the ellipses divided.


Radio Shack 1974 logo.svg

This logo is solid red in a "funky" text style. It was rolled out in print on 27 April 1971. Tandy Corporation used the same typeface for its logo. Lately the logo has made appearances, as nostalgic references, in the 2016 Netflix series Stranger Things, and recently in the 2019 film Captain Marvel.

It is currently used in the commemorative logo of the brand's centenary, which was celebrated in Mexico.[1]


Radio Shack - 1972.svg

This was used for only six months as an alternate logo, from May to November of 1972.




Radio Shack New Logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom slab serif font (R)
Frutiger Black (RadioShack)
Launched:  Unknown

On November 12, 1994, the brand removed the spacing between "Radio" and "Shack" to adopt its current name, which would not be adopted until its official appearance in June 1995.

The logo is a capital R in a slab serif font style touching behind it by a black circle border and below and in position to the left, the new name, "RadioShack" in Frutiger Black font in red color.

This will become the retailer's logo for the next 25 years.

2003-2011 (International)

RadioShack 2002.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom slab serif font (R)
Frutiger Black (RadioShack)
Launched:  Unknown

In this logo, the ring R appears on top of a kind of vinyl disc with a scarlet center and silver ring.

This is where the text appears behind the R instead of under the logo.

This logo was used only by RadioShack's international franchisees due to a conflict between this affiliate and the US affiliate.

2003-2013 (USA), 2011-2014 (Worldwide),-2016 (some countries)

Radioshack Horizontal logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom slab serif font (R)
Frutiger Black (RadioShack)
Launched:  Unknown

This logo is the most common and perhaps the best known of the brand.

It is similar to the previous one, but with the colors reversed and the name placed behind the R instead of below it.

This logo was only used by international franchisees between 2011-2014, with some franchisees using it until 2016.

2009 (as The Shack)

The Shack.svg

In August 2009, RadioShack used the name "The Shack" (despite keeping the original name on top). The campaign increased sales of mobile products, but at the expense of its core components business. It was rebranded back as "RadioShack" thereafter.


2013–2015 (USA & México), 2014-present (Worldwide)

RadioShack 2013.svg

In 2013, the image was radically changed, with the R changing its font to Gotham and behind it, a dark gray rectangle with the name in lowercase and using the same font as the previous logo.

Since 2014 and 2016, this logo is used internationally.

2015–2020 (USA), 2015-present (México)


In this logo, the appearance of the 1994 wordmark returns, but keeping the R currently used, plus it is the same size as the wordmark.

It was created in response to the merger of RadioShack Corporation with Standard General Holdings.

Although it is no longer used as the main logo, it can be seen in the Mexican subsidiary and in the vignettes of Retail Ecommerce Ventures e-commerce sites, as well as on the packaging of the brand's products.

2020-present (online, USA)

RadioShack 2020.svg

The 2013 logo was reintroduced in 2020 as part of RadioShack's website overhaul for that year.

This time, the bar is orange-red with a white R on a dark red background.


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