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Radio Capital, known simply as Capital, was an entertainment, miscellaneous, sports, news, musical and opinion radio created on October 13, 2008 to replace its sister radio station Radio Corazón (which returns in September 2012 on 94.3 FM of the late radio station Radio Bravaza). It is owned by the Grupo RPP of the Delgado Nachtigall family and is the only radio station in the conglomerate that does not have a national scope (if it had it between 2012 and 2017, but due to the drop in audience that it suffered after the dismissal of its founding journalist Phillip Butters, it transferred all its frequencies to the other RPP radios, leaving only that of Lima). The radio finished transmissions on 27 July 2020, being replaced by Radio La Mega which returned to the air after 8 years.

FM Capital


Capital 2008.svg

This is the radio station's first logo when it launched on the air in 2008.

This logo was a dark green signage panel with rounded edges looking in perspective to the right, above it, a semi-thick white border and above, the letters of the radio's first name, "FM CAPITAL 96.7" in Helvetica Condensed typeface Semibold. Both elements follow the same direction as the green panel.

Radio Capital



Capital 2009.svg

In October 2009, the letters "FM" were removed from the logo as a result of the change to its current name, remaining as "CAPITAL 96.7".

Capital 2010.svg

In March 2010, the green panel logo in perspective changes to a 3D bevel and texture, the white edge of the panel shrinks slightly, and the letters are glued to a green beveled edge as if attached to the panel.

Capital 2011.svg

In 2011, a slight redesign of the logo was made, adding the word "RADIO" at the top left of the panel.


Capital 2012.svg

In April 2012, with the expansion of the radio station to the entire Peruvian territory, the frequency number (96.7) is removed from the logo, leaving the name "CAPITAL" to fit in almost the entire panel.



Capital 2015.svg

On January 7, 2015, the logo began to use the same design as its television counterpart (the panel design is tilted to the right instead of looking in perspective, the white border is slightly thinner, and the text "CAPITAL" changes its font to DIN Bold), but inside the gray square with a white border the word "RADIO" appears instead of the letters "TV".


Capital 2017.svg

In 2017, the logo becomes 2D and the gray-white square is omitted as part of the brand unification.


Capital 2019.svg

On September 5, 2019, the logo changes completely.

The logo is no longer a panel and becomes a mix between a panel and a question mark as well as the border, which slightly increases its thickness, the logo becomes lighter green and the text "CAPITAL" change its font to Arial Rounded Bold.

Radio Corazón
Radio Capital
Radio La Mega
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