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2000-2002 2002-2005 2005-2008 (in 96.7 FM) 2012-2014 2014-2018 2018-present
2000-2002 2002-2005 2005-2008 (in 96.7 FM) 2012-2014 2014-2018 2018-present

Radio Corazón is a musical radio dedicated for the most part to ballads, bachatas and Latin pop related to the love of the 90s, 2000s, 2010s and today created and broadcast between 2000 and 2008 in 96.7 and from September of 2012 in the 94.3 occupied for a short period by Radio Bravaza.

It is owned by the Grupo RPP, owned by the Delgado Nachtigall family and is another of the group's radios with national reach.

In 96.7 FM (2000-2008)


Radio Corazón 2000.png

The first radio logo is, as its name indicates, a hand-drawn heart in red color crossed by a yellow Cupid's arrow, on top of it, a parchment with the name of the radio and the frequency number of that time (96.7 FM) in golden yellow color located at the bottom of the logo.


Radio Corazón 2002.png

In 2002, the logo was simplified.

This time it is the word "corazón" in thick black with the "o" stylized as a heart with a red border and a pink interior with two antenna waves in one of the folds. below and to the left, the frequency number (fm 96.7) in red.


Radio Corazón 2005.svg

In 2005, the logo changed to two overlapping trails that form a red heart with gray shading and underneath, the name "CORAZÓN" in VAG Rounded typeface and below, the frequency number of that time in Helvetica Black typeface and in italics, both in dark blue color.

In October 2008, the radio station was replaced by Radio Capital, however, the radio remained in the collective memory that forced RPP to relaunch this radio in 2012.

In 94.3 FM (2012-present)



Radio Corazón 2012.svg

On September 23, 2012, Radio Corazón returned triumphantly after replacing Radio Bravaza due to the low audience it received.

The new logo was a red heart-shaped ring, underneath, the word "radio" in red and located in the upper left and underneath, the name "CORAZÓN" and its new and current frequency number (94.3 FM ) in black and red respectively.


Radio Corazón 2014.svg

In 2014, the logo was modified, removing the word "radio" and the frequency number from the logo and increasing the name of the radio in size.


Radio Corazón 2018.svg

In May 2018, the radio's logo changed completely. The heart is now reddish pink with a thick negative shadow and an almost fine positive round-edged shadow, and underneath the name "radio heart" in Panton typeface with a difference in thickness and the same color as the heart.

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